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Are you in need of car repair near me? Sovereign motor engineers provide car repairs to all makes and models. Based in Tonbridge, they can help out no matter where you are.

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Car Repairs In Tonbridge?:

Sovereign Motor Engineers is a family-owned and operated auto repair shop that has been serving the needs of drivers in the area since 2010. We specialize in all aspects of automotive service, including oil changes, brakes, car servicing and more. Our team is committed to providing you with quality work at an affordable price.

We want to be your go-to place for all your vehicle’s needs! From routine maintenance to major repairs, we have you covered. Come see us today!

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Common Faults With Cars

Below is a list of common faults that can occur. This list is not comprehensive but just to give you some pointers on what can go wrong, and if you ever need car repairs then its time to call on your local garages

1. Warning Lights

This is a common fault that so many people leave on and do not act upon. Get your car booked in and checked out as soon as you see the light

There are many common car faults that have an impact on your vehicle. It can be as simple as a simple switch but left can turn into a bigger issue

2. A Sputtering Engine

This is a common sign that your car has an issue. It can be anything from the fuel pump to air and oil filters

3. Poor Fuel Economy

This one is one everyone notices first but this can be due to a number of different reasons. It could be the car is not running correctly or it has an issue with its fuel delivery system

These are only some of the possible issues that may arise in your vehicle and we can help you diagnose them all! A simple service can solve this a lot of the time.

4. Dead Battery

This can happen for a number of reasons. The engine may not be running or the alternator could have been faulty in some way

In all these cases, you will need to call on SME and we’ll help you get it sorted out. We are based in Tonbridge so come see us today!

5. Flat Tyres

This is never fun when it happens but we can help make the experience as painless as possible. We have a full range of tyres to choose from for any car, whether you need snow and ice tyres or summer-only ones

We’ll also be able to advise on how best to look after your existing set so that they last longer too!

6. Brakes Squeaking or Grinding

If you hear anything coming from your brakes, then we’re here to help you.

We can identify the problem and get it fixed so that it doesn’t happen again!

This is true for all car makes, models, and years because our technicians know what they are doing. They will be able to carry out any work on your brakes without hassle or fuss at a time to suit

7. Alternator Failure

Normally you will see a light come on the dash, but another common issue that’s less obvious is the car battery not holding charge.

This could be because of a bad alternator and it will cost you money if left unchecked so come on in for a free quote today!

We can even carry out analysis to identify whether or not your car needs an alternator replacement, saving time and hassle down the line

8. Starter Motor Issues

If you turn the key and it doesn’t start, this could be a sign that your starter motor could be causing issues, also the battery can cause this so it is worth getting it looked at before you think the worst

9. Steering Wheel Shaking

When you are driving you should be able to hold the steering wheel and not feel it shaking. This could indicate that your car is having problems with its suspension

10. Failed Emissions Test

Go for an MOT and it fails because of the emissions, there are many reasons, some easily diagnosed from lambda to potentially cat.

11. Overheating

If you find your car’s temperature raising when you are driving it could be a sign that the car is overheating and needs attention, common faults are the thermostat and faulty temperature sensor. Don’t go assuming it is a head gasket. If it does overheat, pull over safely and make sure to let the car cool down, ideally calling recovery or us first to make sure it is suitable to move the car.

Reliable Garage In Tonbridge

Auto services Since 2010

So if you are looking at getting your car fixed or car serviced then SME is the local garages for you. We can carry out all car repair no job too big or small. No one wants to spend money on their car so we make sure we have a competitive price and always offer a friendly service. So when it is time to fix your car we will make sure it is cost effective and a quick turnaround.

Car Repair tonbridge

Car Services

If you are looking for a Car Service in Tonbridge, then look no further. We offer vehicle servicing as well as car repairs services for all makes and models

You can get any of your cars serviced at an affordable price. Our expert mechanics will ensure that the job is done right the first time around and we use only quality parts while servicing your vehicle.

We provide different kinds of car service packages such as full-service maintenance, interim car services, MOT test and repair services. All this comes with a 12-month warranty on all parts used during the repair or servicing process. Call us today for the best price on car servicing and repairs.

Local Garage

Finding a trustworthy car garage is hard, especially if you don’t know your way around.

Of course, we want to find the right mechanic for your cars and be able to trust them. But how can we do that? We have no idea where to look! 

Sovereign Motor Engineers are a family run business with fully qualified experts in all aspects of automotive repair and service. We offer their services at affordable prices so you won’t break the bank fixing your vehicle’s problems. Our trained mechanics will diagnose any problem with precision and fix it quickly without cutting corners or using subpar parts. You’ll never feel like they’re trying to sell you something you don’t need because they only work on what needs fixing and nothing more. Moreover, Sovereign Motor Engineers provide an honest quote for every job before starting repairs so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay off the bill!

If you live in Tonbridge then this is definitely worth giving us a call today. All we need is your reg number and so we can price the car repair

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