The Tudor Trail

This is a wonderful trail to take if you remain in our workshop

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The Tudor Trail is a 6-mile multi-user linear path between 2 historical structures in the Wealden countryside. It is also part of ‘Regional Course 12’ of the National Cycle Network.

The Tudor Trail, ranges from Tonbridge Castle to Penshurst Area. It supplies an outstanding ride from the heart of Tonbridge alongside the River Medway, out right into the countryside to the glorious buildings of Penshurst Place.
This path is mainly off roadway to Penshurst Area. When off roadway do expect pot holes and small splits, courses do undergo a working ranch therefore occasional ranch traffic need to be anticipated. Do make sure on the road.

The Tudor Trail


The trail begins at Tonbridge Castle, then leads with Haysden Nation Park (around Barden Lake), after that through the village of Lower Haysden, it after that passes under the Tonbridge by-pass (part of the A21) via a quiet lane, then it makes use of a bridleway to link back to a part of Haysden Country Park. It meets the ‘Eden Valley Stroll’ (along range course in between Penshurst and Edenbridge). They then head along ‘The Straight Mile’ which is the remains of a canal integrated in the 1829 to sign up with Penshurst to the navigable part of the River Medway. The canal was never completed or ever before made use of. After that mile ends near Ensfield Road which passes over the River Medway. The route then heads along a bridleway to Killick’s Bank farm. The route after that heads to an area of the path with the only mild climb of the route, directing to Wells Area Ranch. The ranch gets on the Penshurst Estate as well as the path after that heads to Penshurst Area, the location of the route.
The path has actually been suggested by Bradley Wiggins as one of the top biking routes in the nation.
Some guides state the trail proceeding (previous Penshurst) to Hever Castle through Chiddingstone, prolonging the trail to 10miles (16 km).
The path is discussed in the ‘AA guide Cycling in the SE of England’.

Why not also visit penshurst place

Beautiful trail if you are here for the day or just live here, more about our garage here