If you’re looking to get a used car, it’s important to know the best time to buy. Many factors go into this decision, and it can be tricky to figure out what’s best for your needs. Sovereign Motor Engineers, experts in the automotive industry, have a few tips to help you make the best decision for your next car purchase.

Wondering when the best time to buy a used car is?

You might be surprised that the best time isn’t always right after a new model comes out. A few different times of year are better for buying a used car. 

At Sovereign Motor Engineers, we will help you get the best deal on your next car. So whether you’re in the market for your first car or just looking for a good deal on a used one, check on the expert’s advice.

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What are the Things to Consider when Planning to Buy a Car? 

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. Here are a few things to consider when trying to figure out the best time for you to buy a used car:

  • The car’s model: If you’re looking for a particular car, it’s preferable to hold off until that model has been available for a while. This will make it possible for you to purchase an older but reliable secondhand car.
  • Your budget: It’s crucial to consider your budget before purchasing a car, whether it’s new or used. The most excellent option if your budget is tight is to buy an older vehicle that has experienced some depreciation.
  • Your needs: Before looking for a car, you should consider what you need from it. For example? Do you require a fuel-efficient vehicle? Do you need a car that’s big enough to fit your family? Once you know what you need, it’ll be easier to find the right car for you.
  • The time of year: The time of year can also affect the price of a used car. The lower the demand, the better the car dealer will be. So if you’re looking for a good deal, it’s best to buy a used car in the winter.

Keep these things in mind when trying to determine the best time for you to buy a used car.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Used Car?

1. New Car Season

Every year, “new vehicle season” is observed by auto dealers. When new models are offered at this time of year, buyers are more inclined to buy a new car. Prices for secondhand vehicles become more competitive. As a result, if car purchasers want to get a good deal, they should buy a used car outside of the spring and summer seasons.

2. End of the Year

The end of the year is a wise time to purchase used vehicles. In order to make room for the new models, vehicle dealers often work hard during this period to get rid of existing inventory. As a result, you may be able to get a used car that is a few years old for a reasonable price.

3. Autumn and Winter

Generallyl, used automobile costs are lower in the fall and winter. This is due to the decrease in car sales throughout various seasons. Prices are lower in the winter months and higher in the summer. So it’s preferable to purchase a secondhand car in the fall or winter if you’re searching for a good deal.

4. Last quarter of the calendar year

Many people are focused on holiday shopping and getting ready for the new year during this time of year. Car dealers are more open to price negotiations with car buyers due to the decreased foot traffic.

5. After a new model has been released

The demand for a brand new car declines a few months after its introduction. This is due to the newest model already being purchased by those who wanted it. As a result, average used car prices for that particular model tend to decrease.

6. End of Financial Year

Many companies replace their fleet vehicles towards the conclusion of the fiscal year so that the market will be flooded with high-quality secondhand cars. If you’re looking for a relatively new vehicle, this would be a wonderful time to make purchase.

7. End-of-Year Holidays

The holidays at the end of the year and bank holidays are another excellent time to purchase a secondhand car in the used car market. Many people might not consider buying a car since they are so busy buying gifts. This could be a fantastic opportunity to save money on a secondhand car.

8. Number plates are released

In the UK, new number plates are released every six months (March and September),  and many people exchange their old cars for new ones during this time. Car dealers also put extra efforts into clearing out its old stock to make room for the new registration plates.

Remember these tips when you’re ready to shop for your next car. With some research and planning, you can get a great deal on a used car that meets all your needs. And if you need any help along the way, Sovereign Motor Engineers is always here to assist. Contact us today!

Why do people Choose Sovereign Motor Engineers?

There are several reasons customers choose Sovereign Motor Engineers when looking for a secondhand car. We provide a wide range of high-quality vehicles, and our staff is committed to helping customers choose the right vehicle for their needs.

We also provide competitive pricing and financing options to make purchasing a used car more reasonable. In addition, our straightforward online process makes it simple to find and purchase the appropriate car from the comfort of your home.

5 Benefits of Buying Used Cars during Best Seasons

There are many benefits of buying used cars during the best seasons. Here are a few:

  1. Prices tend to be lower during these times to save money on your purchase.
  2. Car buyers tend to find discounts and better financing options during these seasons.
  3. Car dealers are typically more willing to negotiate during these periods, so you might be able to get a better deal on the car you want.
  4. There’s usually a larger selection of cars to choose from during these seasons. You might be able to find a car that’s just a few years old for a fair price.
  5. There is typically less competition for used cars during these seasons, so you might have a better chance of finding the perfect vehicle for your needs.

If you’re ready to buy a car, keep these tips in mind and contact Sovereign Motor Engineers today. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect car for your needs and budget.

5 Hot Tips to Remember When Planning to Buy Used Cars

Here are some advice that will help you if you decide to purchase a used car::

  • Set a spending limit and stick to it: Knowing how much you can afford to spend on a car is crucial.
  • Do research: Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to read reviews and compare pricing.If you need help, feel free to contact Sovereign Motor Engineers to receive professional assistance.
  • Consider all essential factors: It’s crucial to consider reliability, safety, and fuel efficiency when buying an automobile.
  • Know the best time to shop: Consider the best time to buy a car while making your plans so you may get a good bargain and save money.
  • Get help from experts: If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Sovereign Motor Engineers. We’re always happy to help our customers find the perfect car for their needs and budget.


Q: When is the release of new car plates in the UK?

A: The release of new car plates in the UK is every six months, in March and September.

Q: What are pre-registered cars?

A: A pre-registered car is a new car that has been bought and registered by the dealer rather than the customer.

Q: What does a facelifted model means?

A: A facelifted model is a car that has been updated with new features, design, and technology.

Final Thoughts

The best time to purchase a used car is often when there is less demand for new vehicles and a large supply of used vehicles. During this period, car dealers usually have incredible deals on used cars. Keep an eye out for these promotions if you’re looking for a used car and benefit from them!

Sovereign Motor Engineers can help you find and purchase a quality pre-owned vehicle without spending too much money or wasting time. Contact us today to get started!

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